Dragonflyers RC is a motorcycle group for women only. Women who ride as often and as far as possible. It is our passion, our freedom and our sanity.


Why do we ride?

Because we are Women and we can.

What does riding mean to us?

Itís Freedom. We choose our own paths, our adventures and destinations.

Itís Challenging. It pushes us past our boundaries, tests our limits and overcomes our fears. We accept the inherent danger that is involved.

Itís Fun. We smile as we ride, the wind blows away our stress and enhances our bonds with our Sisters.


The original members Timi (Hellcat), Brenda (Breezy) and Katrina (Tornado) wanted to take our love of riding to a new level of commitment to each other and formed the Dragonflyers Riding Club based in NE Ohio.


We want to share our journey and experiences with other women. Riding a motorcycle in the company of females only is empowering in a way that only those who do it can understand. We develop a sense of self and inner calm that makes us stronger in our everyday lives.


 Our Patch is our identity. It symbolizes who we are as a Riding Club. We wear it proudly and respectfully.
The North Star is a sky marker; itís the anchor of our universe. It never waivers, is constant and a beacon of inspiration and hope. For us, it represents our steadfast focus on our values, our commitment to each other and our Club.

The Dragonfly symbolizes change, maturity and poise. Changes in life, especially in our own perspective and understanding that leads to personal growth.

Maturity to be open to and accept change, which can be hard. It leads to spiritual peace, calmness of the soul and emotional flexibility.

Poise to command our strength and wisdom with grace and humility.

The Female profile signifies Sisterhood. It is friendship without judgment, represents unity and equality. Sisterhood lives in our hearts.

Dragonflies denote transformation, renewal of the spirit and resurrection. They bring strength, light and good luck.





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