Dragonflyers are committed to our Club and strive to be a positive influence in our members' lives. We want to share our love of riding and the unique bonding experience that is found in an all female group. This is a Women Only organization.


We call new applicants Apprentices.


Requirements for Apprentice Membership include:

  •  Valid motorcycle endorsement
  •  Current vehicle insurance
  •  At minimum, a 600cc engine motorcycle in good running order and capable of road trips
  •  Must sign an annual Road Waiver
  •  Serve a 6 month Apprenticeship, attend 4 meetings and 3 rides or events
  •  Attendance at rides/events will be with Full Members
  •  Achieve a vote of a quorum of Full Members
  •  Annual membership fee is $50.00, due October 1st (non refundable)
  •  Purchase of all patches when becomes a Full Member (non refundable)


We are proud of our Club and want to grow our membership in a positive way. If you are ready to commit to a community of righteous riding women, come hang with us. Let's get to know each other, join our rides, share stories and explore new places together. We do take our Sisterhood seriously and ask that you consider your ability to participate in and be a benefit to DRC and if DRC will be a benefit to you.


Being a DRAGONFLYER should be a welcome obligation. The most important perk of riding with FLYERS involves ice cream.


Download the Application (HERE), complete and save to your computer then email to info@dragonflyers.com as an attachment.






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